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Our training courses are targeted at both the employees and management of business and cover a wide variety of business related topics.  These topics are covered further on.  We believe that clients and individuals have very specific needs and compile material, programmes and quotes accordingly.  We believe in keeping it practical rather than theoretical in an attempt to focus on what works out there in the business environment.

Selection of Short Courses available

  • Starting your own business
  • Business Process Design & Development
  • Financial Management & Accounting Systems
  • Business Performance Management
  • Marketing a Business
  • Personal Development:
    - Life Goals & Skills
    -Working in a team
    -Time Management
    -Professional Image & Behaviour
  • Selling Product & Services
  • Leadership for business success
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning & Business Growth
  • Management Skills for SMME’s
  • Communication Skills for SMME’s
  • Business Administration & Regulatory Compliance

The courses have been designed to help start ups and established businesses. Special attention has been given to the management courses and these can be delivered at the level required. Courses can be grouped together or delivered as separate modules depending on the client needs.

The material is developed by experienced people in industry.  Training material is continually evaluated and improved in line with our in house Quality Management System.  Accredited facilitators, assessors and moderators are used in our programs.

We have developed and delivered a course on Small Business Advising covering all the aspects of a SMME to make it successful in business today.  These individual modules can be provided to start-up businesses and existing SMME’s as individual modules where needed. 

This information following can be hosted as an addendum.

Training - Entrepreneurial


Management Skills for SMME’s

  • Handle the basic management functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling.
  • Implement the functions in his/her own business.
  • Learn how to delegate effectively
  • Dealing with conflict

Who should attend:

Entrepreneurs, Managers, BEE candidates

Business Performance Management

  • Differentiate performance management in a business with respect to the following levels:
    • Business performance
    • Product or service performance
    • Process performance
    • Resource performance (Money, People, Machines)
  • Measure and manage performance at all 4 levels
  • Implement various business systems in order to meaningfully manage performance
  • Write position contracts for employees that will guide their actions

Who should attend:

Entrepreneurs, Managers, BEE candidates
Owners and managers who want to manage the performance of their business, its processes, products and services and its employees to ensure order and higher profits.

Strategic Planning & Business Growth

  • Introduce a strategic planning process
  • Develop measurable development objectives
  • Design action plans to achieve the business objectives
  • Scope projects to implement the plans
  • Monitor the progress made
  • Manage the business development process

Who should attend:

Entrepreneurs, Managers, BEE candidates
For all those owners and managers who find it difficult to plan or implement the plan.

Marketing & Negotiation Skills

  • Apply marketing principles with the objective to generate more customers
  • Identify the most probable customer of the business and how to understand customer needs
  • Understand product-pricing guidelines and use it as a basis for determining a product strategy
  • Design a marketing plan for getting more customers
  • Design a marketing brochure for the business     

Who should attend:

Entrepreneurs, Managers, BEE candidates
Owners and managers who want to generate more customers for their business.