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Business Development

Starting your own Business

Business planning for start-up businesses is for all those who want to start a business on the right track and ensure the best chance of success with their new venture.

A participant in the programme will learn how to:

  • Survive as a Small Business Owner in the difficult South African context.
  • Determine his/her own requirements for the business and how the business should support his/her own life.
  • Use the turn-key Business Model as a framework for his/her own business design.
  • Do market research.
  • Design the business properly so that it will succeed in the market and support the owner’s life.
  • Write a professional business plan.
  • Approach financiers to generate capital.
  • Design an implementation plan for the establishment of the designed business.

We have a specially designed questionnaire for start-up / new businesses.  Download our Start-ups Questionnaire, complete it and fax it back to us for an assessment.

This questionnaire requires Adobe Acrobat reader to open. If you do not have this reader installed, please download it here.

Feasibility Planning

A business plan is still the best method ever developed to test the viability of your business idea.  Whether you are in business already or intend starting a new venture, make sure that you have a well thought out and constructed business plan.  A business plan will not guarantee your success but it will improve your chances of succeeding.  You may even decide not to go into business once you have completed your business plan, as it might indicate aspects for further development that will improve your chances of success if sorted out first.

BSS will be able to assist you to obtain and convey all the necessary information to see if your business will experience growth through your renewed business idea and focus. 

Give us a call and we'll gladly assist you in all your business needs.

If so preferred we will do a thorough analysis of your business and give you a comprehensive report on your problem areas.  Complete our questionnaire fax it back and we will give you a call to discuss the results.

Business Plan

A business plan is the best manner in which to describe your business in.  It provides full insight for the financier to make a decision and it serves as a strategic document for implementation and operations.  Your business plan will include a 3 year financial projection of income, expenses and cash flow.

Marketing Plan

The marketing plan helps clients identify what markets they are in and who their most probable customers/clients are. Competitors are investigated in order to identify a competitive advantage in the market. A detailed action plan and strategy is compiled in order to drive the competitive advantage. Evaluation and control of the marketing strategy is a crucial element of the plan, as is an understanding of the financial implications to the business.

This is an interactive process, thus empowering you, the customer, to use this strategy as a working document to improve your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Business Administration

To ensure that you, the entrepreneur, is able to set up an administration system to effectively start and manage your business.  It includes the design & set up of a filing system, establishing and design procedures for recordkeeping, buying on credit, selling on credit, controlling and banking of cash, acquiring and disposing of stock, acquiring, remunerating and controlling of staff, key management control requirements, and drafting budgets for income, expense, manpower, capital and cash flow for the first 12 months. 

This will ensure that the business is capable of producing the key management information & controls, timeously & cost effectively.

Business Engineering

The business engineering process involves a detailed investigation of the current business processes.  Identifying areas of weakness and the design of workable processes are then tailored to the client’s needs.  The end result is that the client will have designed their own Business Value Model.   This process can be very difficult and if needs be we will contract the experts that can deal with your specific needs in such a manner that production is not affected negatively.


We will engage in a process of mentorship with you with regards to your development and that of your business.  The focus will be on your development as a leader to fulfill all the roles expected of you as explained.
Mentorship and coaching can be expensive, but we will always strive to make use of the voucher programmes where applicable or work on a payment programme agreed upon by all parties.

All of the above services can be sponsored through the voucher programmes where applicable, to make it more affordable to you, the client.  Please speak to us to see how these funds can be accessed.