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BEE Consulting

BEE Compliance - Black Empowerment

BSS is an independent empowerment consultant, offering the most comprehensive and cost-effective BEE business package on the market. We assist companies to identify and understand their empowerment status, enabling informed, strategic decisions.  BSS assists companies to overcome BEE as a constraint in business and turn it into a competitive advantage.

Our BEE services include:

  • Strategy Development
  • Business Needs Diagnosis
  • Tools on how to manage & implement your strategy
  • Evaluate your suppliers BEE status as per agreed contract and fee
  • Advice on how to develop various aspects of your Scorecard
  • Train empowerment partners and management

Once you have the strategy, you can determine the desired level of compliance and which pillars to improve upon to reach the desired status level.  This formulates a unique strategy tailor-made for your business.  BSS then facilitates the implementation of your BEE strategy to improve your existing business, as well as create opportunities for growth.  This prepares you to have everything in place before the verification process.

BSS successfully integrates a wealth of experience in SMME development and skills development into their BEE services, equipped with a thorough understanding of the South African business context.

E-mail for more information or go to www.dti.gov.za

BEE Sectoral Charters

For all the Sectoral Transformation Charters and Scorecards on Black Empowerment, click here. (Cliffe Dekker website)