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Accounting Services

Every business needs to account for the assets, liabilities, income, expenditure, profit, cash flow & tax of the business’s financial transactions.

Our accounting services assist you to:

  • know & understand the financial status of your business
  • pay the correct tax & vat
  • plan the financial needs of the business
  • manage your cash flow
  • ensure your survival & prosperity!

Financial Management & Accounting Systems is for all those business owners and managers who want to introduce good financial disciplines in their business so that the business can be managed on the basis of sound financial principles.  The lack of financial systems is one of the main reasons why small businesses fail.

A participant in the programme will learn how to:

  • Use financial management systems to ensure that factual, timeous and accurate information is produced to use in making management decisions to improve the business.
  • Understand the functions of an accounting system and what components are included in an accounting system for a small business.
  • Read the three major financial reports, namely the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.  The emphasis being to incorporate non financial information with financial information to produce management reports that are more understandable and user friendly for better control and decision making.
  • Implement budgets with primary objectives in giving the business owner financial direction.

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Due diligence

To assess the feasibility, economic viability & the value of an organisation.  A crucial intervention when buying or selling a business.  This service is designed with the express purpose of protecting the entrepreneur from exploitation and provides an unbiased and professional opinion of the business.

Financial Plans

Good financial practice and administration is at the very core of any successful business.  Our financial plans deal with an in-depth assessment of the current financial position and existing business systems.  We design financial performance indicators and measurement tools for the control and management of the business and its processes.


One of the key issues identified with most small business owners is the issue of Business Value.  Very few Business Owners understand how to value their business or track the value of their business.  BSS is focused on assisting business owners to identify the value of their business as well as to develop a strategic plan to realize the intended value of the business.

We also provide valuation reports on residential and commercial properties.


Access to finance is difficult as it is and is a cause of frustration to many entrepreneurs.  We will assist qualified business owners, in an attempt, to obtain finance through our wide network of financiers and our dedicated staff.