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About BSS

The BSS Mission
BSS develops Business Owners and Managers to be successful in both business and life.

The BSS Approach
BSS uses the following principles in the development of entrepreneurs:

  • The entrepreneur has a private life and the business must be developed to support the entrepreneur in achieving his/her primary aim in life.  As such the entrepreneur must be guided to succeed in life and in business.
  • We make use of our collective business experience and mentor skills combined with the technical skills of the entrepreneur in the development process.
  • The entrepreneur is always encouraged to take charge of the business development process, to then take control of the business when established.
  • The entrepreneur must perform different and diverse roles in the business like that of; Leader, Inventor, Financier, Manager and sometimes the role of Technician.
  • The entrepreneur must work on the business and not always in it.
  • The entrepreneur must develop business systems to be run by trained employees to ensure consistency in rendering quality outputs.

At BSS we act as a link between the entrepreneur and a network of existing businesses.  Our networks include financiers and other support players in Human Resources, IT and BEE verification, to name but a few.  We are also able to provide you with bookkeeping as well as management services.